Cristina Anna Adani


Via Giovannina 41/10 - 44042 Cento (FE - Italy)


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Last revision: 16/01/2022

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Cristina Anna Adani was born in Modena (Italy) on the 25 July 1960.

She graduate with first class honours in Political Sciences, Sociological address, at the Bologna University and then she achieves the diploma of Graphologist Consultant at the Urbino University. She attends, for some years, to sociological research; then she teaches legal and economic disciplines in high schools until 1995.

Subsequent years are dedicated to processing of graphological analysis of personality, of couple and educational and vocational guidance. At the same time she begins training, first in morphopsychology and, shortly after, as counselor in Gestalt.

From 2000 she was student of Claudio Naranjo, psychiatrist and Gestalt Psychologist; she followed its teachings and the training and experiential path on the Psychology of Enneatypes.



The interest to sign detectable in the writing fugitive act, or in the wrinkles of a face is the thread linking experience in apparently different fields.

2001 from she continue the search of the sign and the attention to its symbolic meaning especially in the sculptural field; therefore from the study of the graphics track and of the face she moves more and more towards the forming and material processing of a face or a body. Progressively she devotes more space to this activity, through which trying new explorations and psychological introspections. Fireclay, plaster, bronze, Raku ceramic, fiberglass, Kriptonite, metal and concrete are the materials currently used.


Cristina lives and works in Cento (FE)